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Graig Abel

Graig has been the Official Team Photographer of the Toronto Maple Leafs since 1977. He has been featured in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News, Chill Magazine, Leafs Insider Magazine as well as LeafsTv to showcase his lifelong commitment to sports photography and his passion for the game of hockey. His long list of accomplishments also showcases his diversity in the sports photography field.

Not only does Graig have over 35 years of NHL games under his belt his resume doesn’t stop at just NHL hockey. CFL Football, PGA and LPGA Golf, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Tennis, all at the Professional or World Class level.

As official photographer of Maple Leaf Gardens he also photographed historic concerts such as Queen, Van Halen, The Who, and ZZ Top. His photographs have graced the pages of The Hockey News, Sports Illustrated, MacLean's, Inside Lacrosse, The Toronto Sun, The National Post, The Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.